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If you are experiencing fluctuations in temperature at your office, home or industrial building this could be down to issues with your air conditioning and ventilation systems.


Heat Connection's team are able to undertake tests on your HVAC systems to ensure it is working effectively giving the best control of temperatures at your office. As we all know a happy work place is a productive work place!

  • Restaurants

  • Offices

  • Leisure clubs

  • Conference rooms

  • Homes

  • Roof tops

We have previously undertaken work at a variety of buildings across North East Scotland including:

Avoid those lengthy waits - we stock spare parts!

Heat Connection stock a plethora of spare parts for a host of manufacturers meaning you do not have a long wait to get your system up and running again. Our speed and efficiency is something we pride ourselves on, with your satisfaction our primary objective.


Keeping North East Scotland cool

We don't just offer our expertise in warming you up, we also have skilled engineers to undertake all repairs and maintenance on air conditioning and ventilation systems.

An air conditioning engineering carrying out a repair A large commercial air conditioning unit